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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the basis for constitutional protections that afford everyone the right to be protected against overzealous investigation and prosecution. If you believe that your Charter rights have been infringed, then you need a Charter applications lawyer in Winnipeg to help put things right.

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The Charter guarantees everyone the rights to unlawful searches, seizures, the right to counsel, the right to disclosure and the right to not be subjected to any cruel or unusual treatment or punishment. 

The Supreme Court of Canada has entrenched and defined the right to have your case determined within a reasonable time.

In addition, the indigenous population of Canada has separate entrenched protections that govern criminal proceedings.

Charter Applications Lawyers Helping Manitobans Get Fair, Equal Treatment

If your rights have been violated at any stage of your interaction with the police and or the courts, Simmonds and Associates will file a Charter Application, which could be the key to your successful defence. 

Charter Applications often involve concerns related to your right to remain silent at the time of arrest; your right to counsel; issues involving unreasonable searches or other matters pertaining to warrants; or whether other rights may have been violated. 

Our Charter application lawyers in Winnipeg are among the best in the industry, combining expertise, knowledge, and dedication to help deliver you results. Simmonds and Associates have a great deal of experience in successfully filing Charter Applications on behalf of our clients.

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