Criminal Deffence Lawyer Careers & Articling

Mentorship | Collaboration | Education | Innovation

The lawyers at Simmonds and Associates are eager to meet dynamic, innovative law students looking for an exceptional articling opportunity.

Simmonds and Associates are looking to add new associates and mentor students who:

  • are passionate about criminal defence law
  • embrace society’s need to protect the rights of the accused
  • work well independently and in team settings
  • are smart, creative, hard-working, confident, and good-humoured

Our articling students:

  • are treated as part of the team at Simmonds and Associates
  • work directly with Saul Simmonds and other Associates on high-profile, challenging cases
  • are fairly compensated
  • have easy access to Manitoba’s finest legal professionals
  • have the opportunity to excel, learn, grow, and succeed (3 of our Associates articled under Saul Simmonds)

For information on career or articling opportunities, please contact:

Natalie Vinck – Office Manager
Simmonds and Associates
1200-363 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3N9

Phone: 204-985-8186